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Boswellia Serrata, generally known as Frankincense, is derived from the cloudy white sap that is secreted by the Frankincense tree. After the tree's sap droplets are left to dry and harden into tear-shapes on the tree, they are then harvested and formed into an essential oil.

The Boswellia tree is native to regions such as Africa and the southern Arabian Peninsula. The earliest source of Frankincense resides in Oman, which has shipped this fragrant resin to areas like the Mediterranean, India, and China for thousands of years. Its potent aroma is woody, earthy, and spicy with a fruity nuance. For some, its scent is comparable to that of liquorice.

The history of Frankincense usage has Medieval roots and is closely linked with being burned in sacred places and religious rituals, as it was valued for its robust aroma and the white smoke it oozed when burned. Frankincense was also used in perfume, cosmetics goods and Egyptian mummification practices. Today, Frankincense is still used every day in many cultures, namely Somali, Ethiopian, Arabian, and Indian. Many believe that its aroma will bring excellent health, cleanse the home, and purify clothing. In Ayurvedic medicine, Frankincense is referred to as "dhoop" and is used to heal wounds, relieve arthritis, balance hormones in females, and purify the air.


Frankincense oil can be added to a diffuser and inhaled for its sedative, earthy fragrance known to enhance mood and battle stress and anxiety while improving concentration and memory. In spiritual practices, the scent of Frankincense strengthens both intuition and a spiritual connection. A few Frankincense drops added to a diffuser or mixed with water to make an air freshening spray can eliminate airborne bacteria. Frankincense works as an expectorant to clear the nasal passageway and encourage easy breathing.

After diluting with a carrier oil, you can apply Frankincense to the skin topically. Combining Frankincense with other essential oils and diluting the mixture can be used in cosmetics to make natural anti-ageing facial serums. Its astringent properties help Frankincense oil to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and skin imperfections such as discolouration. It stimulates the growth of new cells; thus, it promotes faster healing when used on cuts. This anti-inflammatory oil is known to soothe inflammation of the skin by reducing the effects of redness, swelling, and itching.

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    Frankincense essential oil is gentle and effective for sinus allergies, unblocking the sinuses and refreshing our mood. It is also beneficial for breathing difficulties and calming emotional panic. Frankincense brings a sense of peace and tranquility, promoting equilibrium. Blending it with oils like Melissa, lavender, chamomile, and grounding options like Vetiver, Galbanum, or Jasmine can enhance its antihistamine and calming properties. Read more:

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