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Small Cracked Egg Chocolate/Sweet/Soap/Plaster/Bath Bomb Mould (9 cavity)

£4.96 Inc Vat   
£4.13 Ex Vat


9 Cavity Small Cracked Egg Chocolate/Sweet/Soap/Plaster/Bath Bomb Mould #080

Size 50 x 35mm



The Cacao™ Professional PVC Moulds – second only to polycarbonate

moulds in the quality of chocolate produced - are widely used

by Chocolatiers and Professional Chefs all over the world. Specially

formulated to meet modern-day requirements, these moulds are

ideal for use in businesses and for personal interests



Many Many designs to choose from.


2D, 3D and Soft Centre chocolate moulds.

No mould-releasing agent needed.

Exceptional chocolate finish.

Enhanced mould life.

Ever-increasing design range.

Ideal choice for quality conscious chocolate manufacturers.

Theme-specific moulds: Valentine’s Day, Birthdays etc.