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Slice Cake/Tart PVC Soap/Bath Bomb Mould (4 Cavity)

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£4.96 Ex Vat

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Slice Cake/Tart Soap / Bath Bomb Mould M08 4 cavities
Made from top quality clear pvc. This is such a fab mould, looks really good when double poured
Measurements of each cavity are:
7.5cm x 5.3cm x 3.8cm high
This mould produces 4 soaps each weighing approximately 40g and makes great Bath Bombs too!!!
This mould can also be used for plaster, resin etc

Our moulds can be widely used in making of handmade soap including melt and pour and cold process, chocolate, biscuits and food baking, candle, poly resin crafts, epoxy resin crafts, alloy ornaments and jewellery, etc. Most of our moulds can work great with temperatures exceeding 200 degrees. Our moulds are flexible and can be used time and time again. They are very easy to de-mould and no release agent is needed.