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Shower Gel Making Kit - STRESS RELIEF PACK

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Shower Gel Making Kit - Stress Relief Pack


In your kit you will find the following:
-  1 kilo Shower Gel Base - Unscented
-  Aloe Vera Gel - a variety of cactus that has been used medicinally for centuries - it is a wonderful plant to treat sunburn, acne, aging skin and acts as a moisturiser
-  2x Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend €“ to give your shower gel a subtle yet pleasing relaxing smell
-  Vegetable Glycerine - to seal in the moisture on the top lay of skin to help act as a moisturiser
-  3 x Clear Bottles with Matt Silver Disc Caps
-  Instructions leaflet


Once you have got started on making your own shower gel - the sky is the limit and the choices are endless.  
You can make your own luxurious preparations at a fraction of the cost and know exactly what is going into the end product and on to your skin.