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Valentines Romance | Fragrant Oil Gift Starter Pack

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Our Valentine's Romance Gift Pack contains five fragrance oils:

Bush Bouquet
A unique, sweet, warm and floral scent with strong Lavender undertones. The perfect concoction of floral notes provides a tranquil ambience that leaves you feeling as though you're surrounded by nature - in full bloom.

Relish in this lovely, bubbly aroma with our lush champagne fragrance. The refreshingly strong scent will lift you off your feet.

It boasts a delicate scent of rich milk chocolate that contains a distinct cocoa note. It is perfectly balanced out with the subtle notes of caramel and vanilla.

An aroma to enhance the ambience of any room it is shared in. The famous and loved scent of Perfume is a lighter alternative that emits a uniquely divine fragrance.

Rose Garden
A beautifully light, sweet and floral scent reminiscent of a quiet stroll through a bed of roses. The sweetness of spring and the fragile aroma of roses soothe and relax the mind.

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