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Free Wild Flowers Oil Pack (5 x 10ml Fragrant Oils) when you spend over £100.
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Earthen Mist Sparkle Mica

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Earthen Mist Sparkle Mica

Mineral Powder Pigments such as oxides, ultramarines and micas are cosmetic-grade. These pigments are mined from the earth (inorganic), processed and filtered to remove harmful impurities such as lead or mercury.       

Mica is a fine mineral powder that can be used to reflect light and create a pearlescent effect on the skin. This product is commonly combined with titanium dioxide or zinc oxides to be used in mineral makeup or cosmetics. When used in cosmetics, mica offers a lightweight, long-lasting effect on skin without feeling too cakey or heavy.  Our micas are approved for use in soap, mineral cosmetics and cosmetic bases.     


Earthen Mist Sparkle Mica is composed of mica flakes coated with rutile titanium dioxide, which appear glossy and sparkling silver in colour. The light absorbing material is then directly deposited to form the pigment. When mixed with transparent pigment or dyestuff the pigment colours and the lustre shine through beautifully.

When blending with carbon black it will present stronger lustre effect and produce a silver-grey metallic effect. It also can be used with aluminium paste to obtain white and bright silver effect.

Silver light can be seen from the reflection angle and the colours can be viewed from side/dispersion angles.

Recommended usage: 

• Using scales is recommended for larger batches.

• Please do small test batches as some of the colours are unstable in cold process soap.

• We recommend dispersing the powders into a small amount of your base first, then add to the remaining product and stir well.

• It is a good idea to wear a mask, goggles/glasses and protective clothing/apron as working with volatile powders is messy. Make sure you work in a well-ventilated area.

INCI: Mica - Iron oxide
Country of Origin: China
CAS: 12001.26.2-1309.37.1
CI: 77019 - 77491
Average Particle Size: 10- 60 μm
PH level: 6.0-9.0 (4% h₂0)


Solubility: These are natural colour additives which are insoluble (they will remain suspended within the product and will not dissolve) in the formulation or product to which they are added. Unlike some liquid colours, they will not bleed or fade. 
Storage: Keep your powders in tightly sealed containers or pouches in a dry location protected from light.
Shelf Life: 24 months

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