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Create Your Own - Festive Bath Bomb Kit

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£19.96 Ex Vat

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Each Create Your Own Pack - Festive Bath Bomb contains:

- 500g Sodium Bicarbonate
- 250g Citric Acid
- 250g Fine Epsom Salt 
- 25g Fire Red Sparkle Mica
- 25g Green Chrome Oxide
- 25g Flash Bright Gold Sparkle Mica
- 10ml Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil
- 10ml Orange & Cinnamon Fragrance Oil
- 10ml Yuletide Spice Fragrance Oil
- 2 Piece Bath Bomb Clamshell Mould M02 x 4
- Instructions


Click here for the video guide!


This kit makes approximately 8 Bath Bombs 
Everything you need to make your own Festive Bath Bomb
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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