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With the lockdown period looming, make the most of a challenging situation by utilising this time to better equip yourselves for the future. It feels like a pivotal time in our lives, where working from home could become the new norm. Below are some online courses that anyone can pursue during the lockdown.


Content Writing Course

With the insurgence of Digital Marketing, organisations are maintaining a strong Social Media presence through Articles, Emails, Advertisements, and so on. Therefore, content writing has now advanced with expanding on the web advancements. There are wide ranges of courses available to improve your writing skills. The course will mostly cover SEO Writing, Technical Writing, Copywriting, Creative Writing etc.


Data Science Course

If you are interested in learning Data Science, an online course will help you to turn into a Data Science master. You will get familiar with the essentials of Data Science, for example, Python or SQL to Basic Data Analysis and Machine Learning. Some of the specialisations which are widely available under the course are; Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Deep Learning, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence etc.


Digital Marketing Course

In this day and age of present-day innovation, there is no denying the fact that Web Advertising or Digital Marketing is in high demand. In only a brief timeframe, advanced advertising has developed from an insignificant questionable pattern to a considerable impact. It could prove to be a vital skill with most customers reverting to online shopping as opposed to high street shopping.


Graphic Designing Course

Designing is one of the regarded fields considered in the market today. By undergoing the course, you can achieve credit for a famous logo, design or poster. You can even do fun outlines for blog passages and make ads for Google. This sort of job role offers an assortment of company work and freelancing opportunities.


Programming Course

Writing computer programs is significant in our everyday life for upgrading and boosting the intensity of computers and the web. Writing programs are essential to robotise, gather, oversee, figure, and examine the preparation of information and data precisely.


Starting a course can always seem daunting initially, especially if you have taken a step back from learning for a considerable amount of time. If you are struggling, you should explore essential oils. Some are reputed to help with memory, concentration and focus.


Below are essential oils that will help with your studies:


Lemon Cold Pressed Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is a citrus oil that has remarkable mood-improving properties. It works by fighting off any ill-feelings you may be experiencing, which can help lower stress and keep you focused on the tasks ahead.


Orange Sweet Essential Oil

Similar to Lemon, Orange Sweet smells delightful, and it also has mood-enhancing characteristics. Its wonderful citrusy aroma can feel you with renewed energy and increased focus.


Rosemary Spanish Essential Oil

The herbal scent of Rosemary is reputed to enhance long-term memory and concentration. Are you reading the same lines over and over, with nothing sinking in? Now is the time to try Rosemary.


Peppermint Arvensis Essential Oil

Diffusing peppermint oil during periods of study can help you remain alert and focused. It can also increase retention rates, so you can soak up as much information as you can while enjoying its minty fresh scent.


Study Essential Oil Blend

The perfect revision buddy – Study. This unique blend of beneficial essential oils provides a pleasant backdrop for revision and learning while promoting memory recall (Peppermint), concentration (Basil) and alertness (Rosemary). The Study Blend enables you to relax into your work and perform to the best of your ability.


By adding diverse skills to your forte, you would undoubtedly increase your employability and in time, your salary. From all of us here at Mystic Moments, we wish you a safe and prosperous Lockdown.

4 commentaires


    A room spray can be used to set the scene when you first get to work, and maybe an hour or so later, you need a boost and spray another blend to give you a kick start. Room sprays are a great idea when you need a variety of potential effects to hand. They are quick, easy, and cheap, so making 4 or 5 blends is within reason. Read more:

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    Hi Alex, we didn’t want to advertise any course in particular but if you go to Google I’m sure you will find the perfect course for you.

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    Hi there, I may have missed the obvious but I can’t find the links to the courses; could you tell me where I can locate them please?
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