Grapefruit Essential Oil

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The grapefruit tree was originally from Asia. It is now grown and harvested in the United States, France, Brazil, Argentina and Israel. The tree itself is a large, shiny gloss-leaved tree, about 10 meters (30 feet) high, with white flowers and large, pale yellow fruit.

Grapefruit oil is cold-pressed from the peel of the Citrus x paradisis fruit, producing oil with a citrus, floral and fruity aroma. Referred to as a "forbidden fruit" and one of the "Seven Wonders of Barbados", grapefruit was first documented in 1750, by Welshman Rev. Griffith Hughes. The name "grapefruit" was given due to the fruit's attribute of growing in clusters, which echo those of grapes.

The differences between the White and Pink Grapefruit are minor. The difference in cost is merely an example of supply and demand; more pink grapefruit is produced because it is sweeter than the white variety.



  • It's known to relieve stress and bring on feelings of peace and relaxation.
  • It is known to sharpen focus and reduce mental and physical fatigue.
  • Great in aiding sore muscles and joints when applied topically.
  • Excellent cleansing and purifying properties.
  • It is beneficial for oily skin issues and can rejuvenate skin.
  • It is packed full of antioxidants that can help keep the body healthy.
  • Grapefruit oil has antimicrobial effects making it great for cleaning products.


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    Grapefruit oil is great for post-party mornings. Its fresh aroma helps you feel more alert and alleviates the grogginess of a hangover. Simply add a few drops to a warm, damp face cloth and inhale, or use it in a diffuser to combat leftover odors. Grapefruit oil tops the list of the best essential oils for hangovers. Read more:

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