Beeswax - Absolute Oil

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Beeswax - Absolute Oil

Botanical Name: Apis mellifera
Plant Part: Wax
Extraction Method: Food Grade Solvent
Description: Beeswax absolute oil is extracted using solvents on beeswax.
Colour: Yellow Brown
Common Uses: Beeswax is almost exclusively used in the perfumery industry, though some have found success in adding it as a rich and exotic fragrance in skin and haircare products.
Consistency: Medium
Note: Base
Strength of Aroma: Mild to Medium
Blends well with: Beeswax Absolute is blended by perfumers almost exclusively. While all evidence indicates it blends easily, the price often inhibits experimentation.
Aromatic Description: Beeswax has a very soft and rich floral - honey aroma.
History: Beeswax absolutes exposure has been limited to the perfume industry and pioneers in the manufacturing industry.

Specification Documents

Beeswax Absolute - Allergens.pdf
Beeswax Absolute - IFRA.pdf
Beeswax Absolute - SDS.pdf
Beeswax Absolute - Spec.pdf
Beeswax Absolute Flow Chart.pdf

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