Tinctures - Easy and Convenient Alternative to Herbal Tea

A tincture is a liquid extract which is made from herbs which can be taken orally. Usually extracted in alcohol, tinctures can also be extricated using vegetable glycerine or apple cider vinegar (non-alcoholic).

A tincture is easy and convenient to use, and also much easier to give to children because only small amounts are required for them to take effect. Because they are taken under the tongue, tinctures can enter the bloodstream directly, meaning the body’s response is much faster.

Tinctures are made using the same combination of herbs as tea; a tincture is simply another way of taking the herbs. Tinctures are ideal if you don’t care for tea or don’t have the time to brew and drink a cup of tea. Those with hectic lifestyles will find tinctures more convenient, as all you have to do is take the drops of the tincture. You will also benefit from more immediate results, soothing wind and tummy upsets, anxiety, nervousness or injuries. Tinctures can also be used to encourage sleep.

Tinctures are generally taken by the dropperful (a squeeze). One dropperful is the equivalent of one squeeze and release of the topper. The liquid may only fill a small amount of the glass tube; this is still considered to be a dropperful. One dropperful equates to about 30 drops. The standard suggested adult dosage is two droppersful taken two to three times per day. Children’s guidelines will differ.

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