Oakmoss PQ - Absolute Oil

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Oakmoss PQ - Absolute Oil

Perfume Quality
Plant Part: Lichen
Extraction Method: Solvent Extracted
Made using at least 60% Oakmoss (Evernia Prunastri) blended with a solvent to create an Oakmoss Absolute which retains it’s beautiful forest-like, mossy aroma whilst being in a liquid form which is much easier to use in blends and perfumes. 
Description: Oakmoss is obtained from the lichens of the Evernia Prunastri plant.  Primarily used for perfumes and incense, Oakmoss absolute is favoured for use in men's products such as colognes and aftershave.
Appearance: Green-Brown Semi Viscous Liquid
Do not consume. For external use only. Keep away from children and eyes.

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