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Natural Sea Sponge - Honeycomb - 5 Inch

£13.96 Inc Vat   
£11.63 Ex Vat
HONEYCOMB NATURAL SEA SPONGES Honeycomb sponges are the ultimate natural sponges in the sea sponge family. Growing in to a round plump form, the springy feeling produces a superior closeness that gently massages the skin as it cleans and exfoliates. The natural honeycomb cellular structure make them the toughest of the natural sea sponge and the most durable. A super porous texture produces super soap suds and the finest foam when bathing. The Honeycomb is famous as the King of Natural Sea Sponges. Honeycomb sponges combine an extraordinary soft and smooth surface with a very durable quality. Honeycomb is the favourite superior quality natural sea sponge and meets the highest expectations for gentle adult and baby skin care. This type of sponge is to be found in the Mediterranean Sea in depths of 15 to 60 meters. Professional divers harvest the sponges by hand-picking them from the ocean floor. The Honeycomb sponge grows at a rate of 1 to 1.5 inches per year. This very slow growing process enables the sponge to build its exceptional fine and soft, yet very durable fibre structure. Due to its exceptional superior natural quality the Honeycomb is the most expensive type of sea sponge available in the market.