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Aldehyde C12 MNA (2-Methylundecanal)

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Aldehyde C12 MNA (2-Methylundecanal)

CAS: 110-41-8
Odour (decreasing): Fresh, amber, aldehydic, moss, sweaty-musk, citrus, tuberose, metallic, waxy, coumarinic.
Very intense, good tenacity, a classic aliphatic aldehyde with nuances of ambergris and incense among other notes. When smelt in concentration it is sweaty and metallic but in dilution floral and herbaceous qualities are revealed. Very different from other aldehydes except in power.
Uses: This product is a classic in the family of fatty aldehydes. It is widely used in all types of perfumery but blends particularly well with floral, woody, amber and tobacco accords. Good fabric substantivity.
For external use only
Keep away from children and eyes

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