Essential Oil Blends

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Essential oils blends are an alternative to medical remedies which can be used to combat the symptoms of many ailments, both physical and mental. You can use essential oil blends to combat a variety of persistent issues, from headaches, stress and dry skin to a lack of energy.

Mystic Moments have crafted a wide range of essential oil blends to help ease aches and pains, tackle the symptoms of anxiety and target illnesses. You might find the calming effects of essential oil blends ideal for alleviating stress, improving circulation and tackling dizziness. If you are susceptible to colds, flu, or sore throats and would like to proactively boost your immune system, there is an essential oil blend for you.

Some of us struggle to find mental clarity or relax, and some of us simply cannot learn to switch off the mind to encourage sleep. Mystic Moments have created essential oil blends and bottled them up ready for you to tackle any physical and mental ailments you may have.

You can use essential oils in an oil burner to spread the benefits throughout your home or mix them up with carrier oil in order to apply straight to the body.

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